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Boeing 737 Throttle
737 MIP
Typhoon line


We develop and customize many types of flight simulators cockpits for personal training use, home use, entertainment and exhibitions.




Our products are designed to look real. We also can assist you with procedures to let you provide training of the device with the certifications needed. 

If you like our solutions, please contact us and we will answer your questions and all inquiries regarding training and quote prices according to your requirements.  

We will respond within 24 hours

737 Boeing Home Cockpit
Typhoon Simulator cockpit
Home Cockpits
Cockpits for Event and Entertainment
Injection Seat Flight Sim


Now you can customize and build your cockpit, Fly-XP offers spare parts for flight simulation for all types of cockpits..

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Visual Solutions

we provide a full Visual soultions for your outside View, can be used in multiple Projectors or curve screens presenting the full immersive view for our customers.

Back lighted panels

Flight Sim Cockpits Spare Parts

We offer our customers all spare parts for flight simulators. Based on the type of simulator cockpit. we customize and deliver the spare parts and hardware as required.


Full Technical Support Service

we do, upgrades on performance check and enhancement. we provide technical support service 24/7, in Saudi Arabia and UAE..


Full Simulator Cockpit Solutions

We believe we can design any flight simulator cockpit and utilize the best and latest technology in the market, our research and development never stop to meet our customers satisfactions. contact us for more information and details..


Flight Simulation Consultancy

We help our customers to find the best solutions for their simulator cockpits, we provide; upgrade plans, technical assessment report,FSTD evaluation service, and other technical reports related please contact us for more info.



according to our business relations and our background in aviation We are glad to provide our customers with the right expertise engineers in aviation field in general!  to work under your umbrella and at your premise, this will support your business project with right resources and minimal cost related to aviation subject, today our flight engineers list are ready to offer you the right resources, according to your business's and projects need..

for this service please contact our office in Dubai. or visit our partner website :  



Simulator Cockpit Rental Service

More offerings to our B2B customers is a new special service line we have developed lately, a dedicated simulator cockpits portable devices for rental business model, such as events, festivals and exhibitions use, this model can add more value to exhibitor corner, regardless of r business type & field, Most people are welling to try to fly and test their experience !... contact us ask for rental service, check our portable cockpits jet models time and availability..

Aljanadrieh - BAE Systems

Events FSD operation

We support you to run your event with minimal failures , errors and technical issues on your simulator device or ours; our technical support team are familiar with many cases and technical problems, well trained to communicate with audience , and ready to provide a full technical support on spot, communication skills and customer support on ground during the event supporting your stuff, with fun and entertainments activities and missions program set by our team for sure will add much value for successful event.

We Build Your Home Cockpit


The Place For flight simulators cockpits solutions

FLY-XP was founded in 2015 by Hasan Khlifat, and co- founded by V-LINK AVIATION Management company based in UAE, Dubai Airport free Zone DAFZa.
We are dedicated in developing flight simulators using the latest technology, upgrades, updates, technical support with general test, performance test and more.
We pride ourselves on being online to offer our services and products and flight simulators cockpit direct at your place, our customers are commercial and individuals, for flying fans, flying students, events and home users..


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